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Nature Sketches

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Nature Sketches

Nature Sketches combines three of our techniques in one exciting collection. The first technique is our hand stitched single-color embroidery, which combines hand drawn artwork, hand digitizing, and four layers of thread for a bold look. The second technique is echo stitching, which is a quilting stitch that follows the shape of the designs. The third technique is realistic shading, which contains multiple layers of fabric and thread blending. The end result is striking! The contrast of hand stitching and realism really makes the birds and butterflies pop on the neutral background. The best part about this collection is that you can combine it with other Anita Goodesign collections. Nature Sketches is part of our Mix & Match Quilting line and contains over 20 designs that can be incorporated into a quilt with other collections. All of the collections in the Mix & Match quilting line come with 5,” 6,” 7,” 8,” and 9” blocks that are beautifully interchangeable.