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Silhouette Stencil Vinyl with Transfer Tape 9in x 36in

Silhouette Stencil Vinyl with Transfer Tape

Surface Color: Clear
Size: 9 inch width x 36 inch length
Material Format: Rolled
Adhesive Backing: Semi-permanent removable adhesive
Printable Surface: No

Use Stencil Vinyl to create unique one-time use stencils for fabric surfaces when using fabric ink to create custom apparel, or for when etching designs onto glassware using etching cream.

Cut out your custom design or letting using a Silhouette cutting machine and then weed away the image, thus creating your stencil. You can then place your Stencil Vinyl material onto the intended project surface using the included transfer tape, and you're ready to create with your custom stencil.

This specialty vinyl works like regular vinyl in that it may be loaded directly into a Silhouette cutting machine and does not require the use of a cutting mat.

For use with:
Silhouette CAMEO®
Silhouette Portrait®
1 roll of stencil vinyl
1 roll of transfer tape