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Quilt-Tee - Gypsy Quilter - T-Shirt Interfacing

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Quilt-Tee - Gypsy Quilter - T-Shirt Interfacing Ready to make a keepsake T-shirt project? The first step is to stabilize your knit T-shirt! Why stabilize? Well, first and foremost- this will make sewing and quilting the project easy as sewing with quilting cotton! Say goodbye to puckers and wobbly seams when your T-shirt is properly stabilized. Also, for ease in adding in quilting cotton to your project- stretch of the T-shirt must be eliminated while retaining the softness. Quilt-Tee Fusible is easy to use. Simply apply to the back side of your t-shirt with the fusible side down and press with a hot iron. After fusing, cut out your project. The shape will be nice and crisp- no fear of distortion! The fusible is permanent and will hold up well to repeat washing or dry cleaning. Quilt-Tee Fusible is made from 100% cotton. Woven Fusible Weight: Lightweight Single Sided Washing/Drying instructions: Washable and Dry Cleanable