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Nail Art

Nail Art

Lately we have been seeing a lot of nail art pop up all over social media and the Internet. Nail art (also known as string art) is a type of craft done by wrapping colored thread or embroidery oss around pins in a de ned pattern. So we thought to ourselves, how can we create beautiful embroidery that mimics this look and style?

We started by digitizing each design with a long single-ply stitch and finished with a bean stitch outline. The connections for the threads are stitched on the last step to give the look of a nail and finish this unique design.

This technique of string art became popular in the 70s, so we decided to have the thread choices match this theme! We used Robinson Anton rayon which gave each design a matted look; this way we can keep it groovy by incorporating many different colors!

We are sure you will love putting these designs on clothing, bags, and even as decorative wall hangings!