10/30/2019 - DIME Intro Part 1 with Joye Howard

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10/30/2019 - DIME Intro Part 1 with Joye Howard
Wednesday: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Ready Set Sew Classroom

This class is for customers who have purchased DIME software and need to know the basics of what the software does, and which buttons to push to get there. This is the prerequisite class for DIME CLUB which meets monthly. We also recommend you take this first class if you would like to take the "Part 2" class with Joye. See the Ready Set Sew Calendar to stay current with times and dates of classes.

Supplies to bring:

- Computer with DIME Software installed, activated and updated.
- Make sure computer is fully charged or bring Power Cord.
- a wireless mouse (THIS IS A MUST)
- USB drive
- Notebook,Pencil and paperfor note taking and saving handouts
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