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Autumn Votive Bags

Autumn Votive Bags

We love the design technique from Sun Catchers where you use vinyl and organza to mimick stained glass and catch light. We thought about how much fun it would be to put this technique in a quilt block to create a votive bag. They are very easy to create. You simply stitch your base quilt block, cut away some fabric, then sandwich clear vinyl between multiple layers of organza!

The designs allow just the right amount of light to pass through from a battery operated candle that you can get at your local general store. Your family and friends will not believe that these Autumn Votive Bags are created with thread! Once the designs are finished stitching, you can assemble the bags in a few easy sewing steps. Then, simply drop in the candle to light up pathways, your porch, or hearth. You will love these designs!

These blocks come in all 5 Mix & Match Quilting sizes making them easy to use for more than just votive bags!