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Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar
Anita Goodesign

This is a really fun project for Christmas. This is an Advent Calendar with working pockets. The pockets can be filled with candy or gifts or you can use the included day markers to count down the days until Christmas! We've included a step-by -step tutorial that covers every aspect of this project. All of the blocks and day markers were created for the 5”x7” hoop. However, you will need a hoop capable of embroidering 6”x10” for the option header. Here is what the collection contains.

Day Blocks - There are 25 different blocks numbering from 1 to 25.
Additional Blocks - There are 11 additional blocks that are not numbered but have Christmas designs instead. You can use these blocks interspersed with the numbers or you can create a different project instead.
Day Markers - There are three different day markers.
Optional Header. - There are two large scenes as well as a crazy quilt block to create a large header.