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12/17/2024 Tucker University 1-1201 Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Advanced II


1-1201 Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Advanced II
Fussy Cut Lemoynes, Lemoynes as Triangles, and Blazing Lemoyne Stars Impress your toughest critic with what looks like very demanding piecing in these blocks, but trick them with the simplicity of Fussy Cut Lemoyne, Lemoynes as Triangles, and Blazing Lemoyne Stars.

This is a four hour class and we will need every minute possible to get through all three variations of the Lemoyne Star.
To help ensure your success in this course, it will be important for you to be familiar with the basic construction of the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star. If you have not made a Lemoyne Star using the Rapid Fire tool in a while, you may want to practice your skills prior to class.
It would be also helpful for you to have your fabrics pre-cut prior to class so that you can spend the maximum time sewing.

Prerequisite: 1-601: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star

Required Tools: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star and Invisigrip
Required Technique Sheet: Fussy Cut Lemoyne, Lemoynes as Triangles, and Blazing Lemoyne Stars
Required Design Sheet: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star: Advanced II

*These items can be purchased at Ready Set Sew.

Basic Sewing Supplies:
Sewing Machine with power cords and manual (just in case)
Machine Needles
Snips or trimming scissors
Seam Ripper

Basic Quilting Supplies:
Rotary Cutter with a sharp blade
Marking Pencil (Mechanical will do)
Small Cutting Mat
Straight Edge Ruler approx. 6”x12” or so
Invisgrip (optional)
Best Press or light starch (optional)

Class Cancellation Policy:
Thank you for signing up for a class at Ready Set Sew in East Ridge/Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Due to the high number of late-notice cancellations, our cancellation policy has been updated:
In the case that you are unable to attend the class, you must cancel at least 5 days prior to class date for a FULL refund. If you cancel 3-5 days prior to class, there is a 50% forfeiture fee deducted from your class fee. You may choose to transfer to another class if available, with a $20 transfer fee plus additional registration fee if applicable. If you cancel less than 3 days prior to class, your class fee is 100% forfeited. Transfer to another class is not available with less than a 3-day cancellation.
If the class is cancelled by Ready Set Sew, you will have the option of getting your full money back OR transfer the full amount you paid to another class.