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06/16/2020 - Tucker University 1-501: Corner Beam & Sliver

Date: 06-16-20
Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm
T.U. 1-501: Corner Beam & Sliver

Tucker University - Freshman Year
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07/28/2020: T.U. 1-601: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star
08/18/2020: T.U. 1-701: Corner Pop
09/15/2020: T.U. 1-801: Split Rects
10/20/2020: T.U. 1-901: Diamond Rects
11/17/2020: T.U. 1-1001: Large Square Squared, and Stacked Squares
12/15/2020: T.U. 1-1101: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star - Advanced I: Strip Pieced, Liberty & Banded Lemoyne Star
01/19/2021 : T.U. 1-1201: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star - Advanced II: Fussy Cut, Lemoyne as Triangles & Blazing Lemoyne Star

Come to all or just the ones that pique your interest. Either way, you will learn lots and have SEW much fun!

Tucker University is a new and exciting opportunity to help quilters build their skills and accuracy. Each class covers a different Studio 180 Design tool along with ways to expand the use of the tool. Students will make 4" finished units so that they can combine and create new blocks. The creativity is contagious!