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04/25/2020 - Designing in Silhouette Studio: Getting Started Designing When You're Not a Designer

Class Time for EACH class: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
(please arrive at 12:30 to get setup)

Class Dates: Click Any Below for More Info or to SIGN UP
05/23/2020 - Meet the Basic Drawing Tools
06/13/2020 - Combining Basic Shapes to Make More Complex Shapes
07/25/2020 - Beyond the Basic Drawing Tools -Drawing Polygons and Arcs
08/08/2020 - Designing Cut Files from Outside Art & Using the Modification Tools
08/22/2020 - More Advanced Modify Tools & Understanding Compound Paths
10/17/2020 - Designing with Text in Silhouette Studio
11/14/2020 - Designing with Monograms
12/12/2020 - Advanced Designing with Text

Designing with Silhouette Studio

It’s all about the software!
Whether you're cutting fabric, vinyl, paper, glass etching, etc, learn everything you need to know about designing in Silhouette Studio Software with Lauren at Ready Set Sew.

In THIS class you will be learning:
Getting Started Designing When You're Not a Designer
- Three Steps to Designing for New Designers
- Introduction to the Basic Design Tools in Silhouette Studio
- Top Tool Bar
- Quick Access Tool Bar
- Left Side Tool Bar
- Right Side Tool Bar
- Upgrade Tools: Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, Business Edition
- Glossary of Common Design Terms

compatible with MAC and PC It is recommended to take every class, since you can build on the knowledge you’ve learned from the previous class, BUT you can pick and choose any of the classes you want to take. Yay!!!
Whether you have a Silhouette Cameo 1, 2, 3, 4, or you want to see if a cameo cutter is something you might want, it doesn’t matter! It all starts with the Silhouette Studio Software on your computer.

For each of the classes, all you need to bring are the following:
- Laptop with the Silhouette Studio Downloaded and Registered (if you are having issues with this please call to make an appointment with Lauren BEFORE the class 423-629-6411)
- Mouse (and mouse pad)