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03/13-14/2020 - Anita University 502 - In the Hoop II

03/13-14/2020 - Anita University 502 -In the Hoop II
Friday & Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm BOTH DAYS
Location: TBA

Get In the Hoop!
The projects you can create after taking this class will keep you thinking outside the hoop! You'll see how we create our popular door decor designs, zippered bags with the landscape technique, unique toppers for towels and a freestanding notions pocket. Want to know more? We thought so! You'll also see the magic behind creating fun magnets, doilies, embroidered wreaths and even fun designs for the furry friends in your life - your pets!

Just like the other University classes, you'll receive a binder with tons of tutorials and education and of course, your USB with all of the designs - enough to make you flip your hoop!
For the FIRST TIME EVER, on that USB will be exclusive, never before seen videos. The videos will be on topics like our fan favorite tips and tricks on things like hooping, interfacing and notions, dolling up your doilies and sew much more - your hoop will flip again!

Lunch is provided!