02/01/2020 or 02/04/2020 - Hello Spring - Block of the Month

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15% OFF If you sign up for all 10 classes!

Each class is $34.99 but if you sign up in advance for all 10 classes it would be discounted from $349.99 to $297.42!!

THIS OFFER IS ONLY VALID FROM 12/03/2020 - 01/04/2019

You still must come each month to get your kit for that specific month, if you pay for all classes ahead of time.
In other words, you will not receive all 10 kits, at once, the first time you come.

1st Month - Hello Spring BOM
Saturday, 02/01/2020 or Tuesday 02/04/2020
(doesn't matter which day you come, registering for this class will allow you to come to either day)
10:00am - 11:00am
$34.99 per month (includes pattern, fabric kit, and class)

February - November

Say Hello to Spring with the newest Block of the Month from2 Wishes Fabric and Designer, Laura Cilvin. Look forward to each month with the wonderful assortment of blacks and spring appliques, as well as some hand stitched elements.
Finished Quilt Size: 80.5” X 96.5” (204.47cm X 245.11cm)
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