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Anita Goodesign Porcelain Blocks

Porcelain Blocks
Anita Goodesign

The Porcelain Blocks collection was created based off the popular blue and white porcelain style which bears very highly regarded in terms of artistic appreciation. This type of art is characterized by refined quality, simple but elegant designs, bright colors, and rich pattern decoration.

We are excited to bring to you the Porcelain Blocks Collection which will surely catch your eye with 20 different hand-crafted designs. We placed a major emphasis on wanting to design a quilt that was circular in nature, yet stitched out onto square blocks. All the blocks are stitch intensive with a bold circular frame added to each design. We used five different shades of blue to blend the embroidery designs beautifully together.

Additionally, we used a different look for our folded fabric borders. Each block consists of 12 pieces of folded fabric which adds to the uniqueness of the Porcelain Blocks Collection. We are sure you have never created a collection like this before!