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Creative Grids Low Shank - Quilting Tool CHevy

1/8in thick for Low Shank machine quilting with the appropriate ruler foot. Meet Chevy, a machine quilting ruler from Creative Grids®, and designed by Angela Walters. Chevy is a little pointy, a little curvy, and very versatile. With both a straight side and a curvy side, there are so many ways that this tool can help you improve your quilting! Use the straight side for: Stitching in the ditch and echoing Turning the corner without rotating the ruler Echo two sides of a block easily without marking the pivot point Adding chevron designs all over a quilt, or as a border Crosshatching is now a breeze! Use the curvy side for: Adding a subtle, curvy line Stitching offset, rounded rectangles by changing direction Creating a modern, all over wavy design Fun quilt motifs for blocks Segmenting borders Features: Creative Grids® Grip ensures the tool doesn’t slip while quilting. Black and white dashed guide lines are visible on all fabric colors. Shape allows you to keep control, helping prevent broken needles and crooked lines. Made with 1/8in thick high-grade acrylic that is perfect for home sewing machines. Total Size - 4-1/2in x 8-1/2in