03/13-14/2020 - Anita University 501 - Next Level Embroidery

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03/13-14/2020 - Anita University 501A - Next Level Embroidery
Friday & Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm BOTH DAYS
Location: TBA

We all love embroidery and the creativity it can inspire - come be inspired during the 301 class! You’ll explore many different embroidery techniques such as how we get the timeless look of heirloom stitching with the convenience of modern machines. Free Standing lace and fabric coloring are just a few other subjects we’ll explore during the Next Level Embroidery: 301 class. Ever wondered about doing different appliqué methods? You’ll learn how we do reverse appliqué & ghost stitching, reverse trapunto, dimensional embroidery, and sew much more! Just for attending, you’ll receive a 3-ring binder with over 150 pages of full color tutorials and over 130 designs on a USB stick.

Sign up for an Anita’s University class today and experience learning in a new and fun way! You’ll get to stitch out projects in our hands-on team-sewing environment. Each machine will be able to choose which design they want to sew within a certain technique which means you’ll get to see many different stitch outs – peeking on your classmate’s work is encouraged at Anita’s University!

Lunch is provided!
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