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06/13/2023 Troubleshoot Tuesday with Lauren

Troubleshoot Tuesday with Lauren

Have you ever asked yourself one or more of the following questions:

- Why is my thread bunching underneath my fabric?
- Why is my fabric getting eaten underneath the needle plate?
- Why is my machine skipping stitches?
- Why do my stiches look so terrible?
- Why is my thread shredding?
- Why is my tension off when it’s supposed to have automatic tensions?
- Why is my machine locked up and not sewing at all?
- Why doesn’t my needle threader work anymore?
- Why did my thread trimmer stop working?
- What kind of thread am I supposed to use for this project?
- What kind of needle am I supposed to use for this project?
- Why does it feel like one of my sewing machines likes me better than my other one?
- Why doesn’t my machine work when I’ve only used it a handful of times?
- Is it time for a new sewing machine?

If you’ve had ANY of these questions, this class is for you! This is a lecture/demo class with Lauren. This class will help with any kind of domestic (at home) machine: sewing, embroidery, quilting; but is based on a SEWING machine.

A note from Lauren:
“I truly believe in having and giving the correct knowledge about your sewing machine, so that you may have more confidence when things seem to go wrong with your machine. I can’t tell you how much it hurts me when I see people struggling to complete a project, they were so excited about. Let me help you keep that excitement from start to finish while having more confidence. With this knowledge, you will be able to know when your machine needs the attention of a sewing machine repair expert.”

The only thing you need to bring to class is a notebook, pencil - to take LOTS of notes, and a willingness to learn!

Call or sign up online today.

If you have any questions as to whether this class will be useful, please contact Lauren at the shop.

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm (with a 30 minute break)